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Ostthüringische Materialprüfgesellschaft für Textil und Kunststoffe mbH

About us

OMPG is a full subsidiary of Thüringisches Institut für Textil- und Kunststoff-Forschung (TITK). With its establishment in 1992, TITK has concentrated its competences of material characterisation as an institute for industry-related research in the field of polymer materials and expanded these competences continuously.

By following the dynamic development in the field of quality assurance, OMPG developed into a modern analysis, research and development service provider. It meets both the demands of classical traditional analyses and the complex, differentiated and future-oriented demands of its customers.

The high quality of products, materials and technologies is and will be the basis for success on the increasingly globalised market. The connected internal and external supervision and assurance of the quality not only challenges the technical competence of internal quality assurance bodies. It increasingly also demands the assessment and inspection by independent experts.

Consolidated competence

TITK is a competent research partner for companies operating in the field of material research and advanced technologies development. TITK, an industry-related research institute, specialises in modifying polymers to create materials with entirely new functional properties - new generation polymers.
Equipped with a modern technical infrastructure, the institute develops innovative materials and products that are essential, for instance, for the production of lifestyle products and packaging supplies, automotive products, biotechnology, medical technology, energy technology, micro and nanotechnology.
TITK employs 140 staff and has two subsidiary companies.

smartpolymer GmbH concentrates on the marketing and production of the TITK developments.

Testing services are provided by OMPG mbH (a testing laboratory accredited to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025) for textiles, fibre composite materials and plastics.


OMPG is an accredited testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025.

Accreditation certificate (PDF)
Annex to accreditation certificate (PDF)

OMPG certificates are currently updated by DAkkS. 
Our laboratory passed the current audit in 2020. 
Please use our German accreditation certificates meanwhile.
English certificates are on their way. 


Ostthüringische Materialprüfgesellschaft für Textil- und Kunststoffe mbH

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