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Ostthüringische Materialprüfgesellschaft für Textil und Kunststoffe mbH

Testing of plastics for automotive vendor parts

Plastics are widely used in automobile manufacture from the interior to the exterior. New is their use in the engine compartment with very specific requirements.
OMPG supported materials manufacturers in their long-term investigations in compliance with various automotive standards and gained rich experience in the storage of components in heat, oil and glycol. Test pieces can be manufactured of supplied granules by injection moulding; they can be stored and tested.
The test spectrum ranges from mechanical tests, via viscosity tests to flammability tests. Special requirements exist for the emission behaviour of interior parts.
OMPG has also gained rich experience in this field.  
Every offer must be customized. We test, for instance, PP, ABS, PA6, PA66, POM, PBT and all other rigid plastics in accordance with the standards of the automobile manufacturers VW, Audi, Skoda, Daimler, BMW, Opel, Volvo, Ford and Renault.  
We have access to the VolkswagenGroupSupply platform and are registered on the Audi list of emission testing laboratories. Standards are, for instance, VW 44045 (PP), VW 50125 (PA6), VW 50127 (PA66), VW TL 527 (ABS), VW TL 52231 (PC-ABS) and DBL 5404, DBL 5410, DBL 5416 of Daimler AG. Opel and GM are also represented, for instance, with GMW 14444, GMW 3232 or GMW 14651. 

Plastic Testing

Dipl.-Ing. Ute Schwarz
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OMPG is an accredited testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025.

Accreditation certificate (PDF)
Annex to accreditation certificate (PDF)

OMPG certificates are currently updated by DAkkS. 
Our laboratory passed the current audit in 2020. 
Please use our German accreditation certificates meanwhile.
English certificates are on their way. 


Ostthüringische Materialprüfgesellschaft für Textil- und Kunststoffe mbH

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Phone: + 49 3672 379 - 0
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